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Taxonomy and exploitation of Macrofungi


Huaan Wen

Tel: +86(10)64807452
Fax: +86(10)64807452,







Graduated from Sichuan University in 1975;
Now professor of Institute of Microbiology;
Secretary-general of Chinese Mycology Society


Mainly Works:
(1) Macrofungi in Northwest China. In charge of macrofungi collection and taxonomy. Mycotaxon Ltd. Ithaca, New York, 2005.
(2) Macrofungi in Tropical China. In charge of macrofungi collection and taxonomy and Mycotaxon. Ltd. Ithaca, New York, 2001.
(3) Fungal Scientific expedition of Small Wutai Mountain, Macrofungi of Hebei Small Wutai Mountain,China Agriculture Press, Beijing,1997.
(4) Macrofungi in West Sichuang, Science Press, Beijing,1994.
(5) Icones of Medicinal Fungi From China, Science Press, Beijing,1987..